Stir Plate

I recently picked up a stir plate from Stir Starters and used it from the first time on an English IPA.  First off, if you’re thinking of getting a stir plate a don’t feel like making one yourself, get it from Stir Starters.  It got here super quick, works great and looks way better than anything i would of pieced together.

I started making starters about a year ago for pretty much all of my homebrews and have really noticed a jump in quality since doing so.  My old method was to make them a day or two before brew day using an airlock and a gallon jug.  I’ve had good luck doing it that way but I’ve been looking into upgrading to stir plate for a while now.  When I was pitching the starter into the wort it really seemed like there was a LOT more yeast.  My beers usually started pretty quick (under 8 hours) but this one took off in under four and a fermented strong for the first two days.  This was the the first time I actually pitched the amount of yeast that Mr. Malty recommends.  I think the stir plate will really come in handy when making hybrids and eventually lagers that need a little bit more yeast to get the job done.

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