2012 Year in Review


2012 was a really great year, both in terms of my homebrewing hobby and personally. I brewed 12 batches and had my keezer stocked all year long. Also, outside of brewing, I got married in July to my beautiful wife Renee here in Portland.


2012 I brewed more batches that I ever have and tried quite a few different styles. I also tackled working with brewing salts which I feel have improved my beers over the last year. I have set a goal to make 18 batches for next year so people better be coming over for growler fills. Here’s a list of the beers I made in 2012.

1. Schwarzbier
2. Yama’s Pale Ale
3. Yorkshire Red
4. English IPA
5. Altbier
6. Citra Sauvin Pale Ale
7. Ollie’s Drool Brown Ale
8. Red Rye
9. Smokey Winter Warmer
10. 3x Smoked Porter
11. Cherry Chocolate Stout
12. Crow’s Nest Common

I’m also thinking of entering a few competitions next year to get some unbiased feed back on my beers. There are a few competitions locally that I want to enter as we’ll as the national competition, if I can get my entry in before it closes. I’m also thinking of starting to upgrade my brewery with a brewing stand of some sort. I’m inheriting 3 converted kegs from my brother so I think I’m going to try to do some 10 gallon batches as well. So there definitely some big stuff on the horizon at the Crow’s Nest in 2013! Cheers!

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