Hop Crop/Update

Well Hello!  It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted anything, but I am alive and well!  I haven’t brewed anything as of late as I’ve had a little bit of a backup in the kegerator.  But the Crow’s Nest Common has kicked and the Altbier just took its place and I’m planning on kegging out the Irish red this weekend and moving the Chocolate Cherry Stout off to make room.  In hindsight, I wish I would of bottled the stout and not even bothered kegging it.  Its a really nice beer, but much more of a desert beer so having it on draft its been slow to move.  I’m thinking of figuring out a way to bottle this one from the keg, but thats a project for a different day.  This Sunday I’m finally going to get back out there and brew up an nice west coast style IPA for the newest Yama’s moving out west to Portland.  Okay, now that you’re caught up with the happenings at the Nest, on to the Hop update.


Last year, I planted a Sterling and EKG rhizome in a raised planter bed.  The sterling has really taken off this year, growing up the vine quite quickly.  The EKG on the other had has barely broke ground, but is growing slowly.  I’m really hopeful for a decent Sterling crop this year.   Last year I actually got a few cones off the Sterling, but it being the first year they weren’t were strong.  This year I also planted a 1st year Cascade in a different part of the back yard that I’m going to grow up the side of the house.   I’m really curious to see if the EKG produces any cones this year.  The difference in the American vs. English varieties was very evident as the sterling grows like crazy and has thick vines while the EKG is slow to grow, appears very delicate and much thinner vines.  I’m hoping to get some useable hops this year so I can brew a fresh hop beer and try to dry some hops for a few brews late in the year.  I’ll update with how the hops progress throughout the year.  Until then, cheers!


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