Milk Stout


A little while ago Widmer released their milk stout and Yama and myself really enjoyed the silky and roasty flavors.  It was just way too tasty and drinkable for a 7.6% beer.  And whenever I travel east I try to pick of a few Left Hand milk stout’s since we can’t get them out this way.  I was going to brew this beer earlier in the year, but with the Yama’s family coming into town for Thanksgiving I thought this would be a good beer to have on tap then.

OG: 1.062
FG: 1.022
ABV: 5.3%
Mash: 151 (75 min)
Boil: 60 min.

Added: 1.4g Gypsum, 1.0g CaCl, 0.8 Baking Soda & 1.8g Chalk to Mash and 2.9g Gypsum & 2.3g CaCl to Sparge water

Water Profile:

Ca: 89.6
Mg: 0.6
Na: 22.8
So4: 54.6
Cl: 40.9
BiCarbonate: 193.1
Mash pH: 5.3

61.1% Maris Otter
7.4% Roasted Barley
7.4% Lactose
5.6% Chocolate Malt
5.6% Crystal 80
5.6% Flaked Barley
5.6% Flaked Oats
1.9% Midnight Wheat

0.65 oz Northern Brewer (10.1%) 60 min.
1.00 oz Willamette (5.6%) 15 min.
1.00 oz Northern Brewer (10.1%) 0 min.

Wyeast 1272 – American Ale II

1.25l starter on stir plate 24 hours before pitching.  Pitched into 68 deg wort, no temperature adjustment made.  Fermenting at 70 in the basement vigorously.

I’m thinking of racking off some of this beer to age on some oak and vanilla hot peppers for a spicy milk stout.  I’m excited to start drinking this one as its really the first true winter beer of the season.  Tasting notes and updates coming soon.  And hopefully I can report Laura’s approval on this beer over Thanksgiving.  Until then…

Tasting Notes – 12.21.13

Appearance: Jet black with a thick tan head that lingers for a bit before fading away.

Aroma: Espresso and roasted malts on nose.

Taste: Notes of coffee and chocolate are first followed by some sweetness/creaminess and a little bit of bitterness (more malt driven).

Mouthfeel: Full mouthfeel with moderate carbonation. Very creamy.

Overall: Really easy to drink stout. The roasted malt notes of coffee and chocolate with the residual sugars from the lactose make for a great pint. Very easy to drink and even though the beer has a great mouthfeel, it doesn’t drink super heavy. I think this has probably been one of the best received brews in recent memory. It’s just one of those beers that everyone seems to like and will be brewed again in the near future!

photo 5

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