Steam Beer

Common #2

With the weather starting to warm up a bit I wanted to get another cold(ish) fermented beer brewed and put on tap.  I brewed a Common last year and it turned out really great so I figured that would be a good choice. Additionally, I’ve been wanting to brew a Baltic Porter for a while and have had a couple of really good ones made locally (Alameda & Lompoc).  My plan is to harvest yeast after the common and use it for the Baltic Porter.  I made just a few minor tweaks to this versions recipe from last batch starting with slightly lowering the OG to 1.050.  Also, I dropped the Munich and Wheat malt and added some Melanoidin Malt.  I also upped the bitterness slightly and threw in more flameout hops to get some more hop aromatics.  Okay, enough rambling on, here’s the recipe.

OG: 1.050
FG: 1.012
ABV: 5.0%
Mash: 149 (75 min.)
Boil: 60 min.

Water Profile:

Ca: 85
Mg: 1
Na: 12
So4: 77
Cl: 64
BiCarbonate: 84
Mash PH: 5.4

77.1% NW Pale Ale Malt
8.3% Victory Malt
8.3%% C40
6.2% Melanoidin Malt

0.75 oz Northern Brewer (9%) 60 min.
1.0 oz Northern Brewer (9%) 10 min.
1.0 oz Northern Brewer (9%) 5 min.
2.0 oz Northern Brewer (9%) 0 min.
2.0 oz Willamette (5.2%) 0 min.

Wyeast 2112 San Francisco Lager

photo 41.5l starter made few days before, cooled and decanted prior to pitching. Pitched into 74 deg. wort, cooled down to 60 after fermentation started (about 5hrs). Planning of fermenting at 60 until at 2/3 complete then warming up to clean up before kegging.  This beer’s gonna replace the Smoked Porter, so it should end up lagering in the keg for a few weeks before taping.

Kegged on 3.23, finished at 1.012.

Tasting notes – 5.8.14

Appearance: Copper with a fully white head. Perfect looking pint.

Aroma: Rich caramel malty sweetness dominates the nose, just a hint of herbal hops detectable.

Taste: Caramel sweetness and big malt notes of cracker or bread crusts up front with and rush of bitterness quickly following to balance. Hops stay on the tongue to the end of the taste. Very clean. Hop flavors are pretty herbal.

Mouthfeel: Medium mouthfeel with a little higher level of carbonation.

Overall: This one is extremely clean and brilliantly clear. The strong maltiness of the beer is balanced quite will with the liberal hopping of the northern brewer and willamette hops. You get real nice herbal notes of the northern brewer coming through as you drink the pint. Not sure I’d change a whole bunch for next time this gets brewed. Clean, malty with a hop presence and a real good beer to enjoy after a long day.


photo 3

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