Baltic Porter

Black Water

Alright, all grain batch #50! I’ve been meaning to brew this beer for a while and finally was able to get it done. I originally wanted to harvest the yeast from my last batch of Common, but kinda ran out of time for that. So instead I opted for a big pitch of Scottish Ale instead. For this one I was wanting something fairly strong and dark in hopes of it aging well into next year. I had a a couple of really great commercial Baltic Porters last winter that inspired me to take a stab at this style. Ok, recipe time.

OG: 1.076
FG: 1.018
ABV: 7.6%
Mash: 150
Boil: 90 min.

Added: 2.6g Gypsum, 2.3g CaCl, 1.4g Baking Soda & 2.6g Chalk to Mash and 3.4g Gypsum & 3.2g CaCl to Sparge water

Water Profile:

Ca: 107
Mg: 1
Na: 26
So4: 69
Cl: 60
BiCarbonate: 202
Mash PH: 5.3

73.8% Vienna Malt
12.1% Melanoidin Malt
4.0% C80
4.0% Special B
3.4% Carafa I
2.7% Dextrose (added @ 10 min.)

1.0 oz Northern Brewer (9%) 60 min.
1.0 oz Perle (6%) 30 min.
1.0 oz Perle (6%) 15 min.
1.5 oz Perle (6%) 0 min.

Wyeast 1728 – Scottish Ale

1.5l starter made on 4/11. Crashed and decanted and made 1.25l set up starter on 4/17. Huge blowoff during set up. Fermentation took off in about 6 hours, little slower than usual but yeast was a pitched at 66.

Fermentation temp was brought down to about 63 and has since free rose to 68 after a couple of days into fermentation. Yeast has blown off quite a bit, maybe 2.5 qts.

I’m pretty interested to see how this yeast performs.  For what I read online it looks like its going to be super clean and the starter dropped clear pretty quick.  The attenuation seems to be a bit lower than American II, but with a slight over pitch I’m hoping to get it in the 75% attenuation range (update: ended with 76% attenuation).

Bottled on 5/20/14 w/ 4 oz of corn sugar for a carbonation level of 2.3 vols/co2.

Tasting Notes #1 – 7.25.14

Appearance: Dark brown with a beige head with excellent retention.

Aroma: Rich bready malts with some dark fruit sweetness. Really malty intense aroma.

Taste: Bready malts again first to hit the palate with plum and dark fruit sweetness hitting along with some alcohol warmth to end the taste. Hops are not present, but do provide the enough of a balance as it doesn’t drink too sweet.

Mouthfeel: Full body, Rich and fairly dense but not cloying.

Overall: Tasting pretty good for being on the young side for a bigger beer. Has a really nice maltiness that is still in balance and doesn’t drink too sweet. The special b really added that dark fruit complexity that goes really well with the Vienna base malt. Has a full mouthfeel but doesn’t drink heavy. I think this one well age nicely and be drinking perfect come wintertime.

Update – 6.19.15

This beer really held up quite well and sadly I’m enjoying the last one of this batch.  This one was definitely one of the better stronger bottled beers I’ve brewed and will be making a return next year. This one did start to show a tiny bit of oxidation, but didn’t take away for the beer that much. Still has the great maltiness that drinks pretty clean and not really that sweet at all. Really nice and balanced, this one has been a pretty big hit will get brewed again soon.

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