Eagle Creek

Batch #8 in the fermentor, a little ahead of schedule for the year (I want to hit 16 batches).  For this one I wanted to have something classic on tap so I went with a pretty simple ESB.  I’m using Wyeast 1469 – West Yorkshire, as I’ve used it twice before and had really amazing results.  Gives great stone fruit esters and still ferments down fairly dry (both previous batches had 79% attenuation).  This beer is pretty much a bigger version of last years Drunken Duck Bitter (with a few tweaks).  I had some Victory malt in the grain bin so I threw it in there and upped the late addition hops as the bitter could of used a bit more hop aroma (none was really detectable).

OG: 1.060
FG: 1.014
ABV: 6.0%
Mash: 152 (60 min)

Added: 3.2g Gypsum, 1.5g CaCl & 0.9g chalk to Mash and 3.6g Gypsum & 1.8g CaCl to Sparge water

Water Profile:

Ca: 90
Mg: 0.6
Na: 8
So4: 106
Cl: 51
BiCarbonate: 74
Mash pH: 5.3

87% Maris Otter
5.2% Victory
5.2% Crystal 60
2.6% Dark Crystal (150l)

1.0 oz Northern Brewer (9%) 60 min.
1.0 oz Challenger (5.7%) 10 min.
1.5 oz Goldings (4.0%) 5 min.
1.0 oz Challenger (5.7%) 0 min.
2.0 oz Goldings (4%) 0 min.
*10 min hop steep after flame off

Wyeast 1469 – West Yorkshire Ale

photo 2

Pitched 1.5l starter that was on stir plate for 30 hrs. Fermentation took off in about 5 hours and was quite active over night. Yeast was pitched at 74 and cooled down to 66 once fermentation showed active signs.

Kegged on 6.20 and finished out at 1.014.

Tasting Notes – 7.23.14

Appearance: Dark copper with an off white head that fades away after about a 30 seconds.

Aroma: Toffee, apples, pears and an hint of floral hops in the nose. Very classic aroma.

Taste: Toffee and candy-like sweetness up front with a little bit of flowery hop flavors coming in next. The stone fruit esters (mostly pears but a little bit of apple) are there towards the end of the taste. Finishes balanced with the malt and hops pretty equal.

Mouthfeel: Medium with slightly higher than desired carbonation for the style.

Overall: Yes! Really like how this came out. Its a classic ESB in every way. The malts are rich with toffee and carmel coming though and build on the Maris Otter breadiness. Hops are equally as represented with really nice floral and a bit of earthiness as well. The stone fruit esters really make the beer though. This is such an expressive yeast strain and loves the flavors it contributes to the beer.

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