Oatmeal Stout #2

Black Thunder

Back to back stout brew days so it must be winter! Temperatures are dropping so the beers are getting darker and heartier.  I revised my original Oatmeal stout recipe from back in 2010 making a few tweaks in grist and yeast strain.  I’m wanting a nice, creamy stout to drink on through part of the winter.  Last year’s draft stout was the Milk Stout, which turned out really nice but I was looking for something a bit heavier in terms of body.

OG: 1.056
FG: 1.021
ABV: 4.7%
Mash: 155 (60 min)
Boil: 60 min.

Water Profile:

Ca: 68
Mg: 1
Na: 21
So4: 30
Cl: 41
BiCarbonate: 155
Mash pH: 5.3

62.2% NW Pale Ale Malt
12.7% Flaked Oats
9.6% Victory Malt
5.6% Roasted Barley
4.0% Chocolate Malt
4.0% C60
2.0% Extra Dark Crystal Malt

1.00 oz Willamette (5.6%) 60 min.
1.25 oz Goldings (4%) 5 min.
1.50 oz Willamette (5.6%) 0 min.

Wyeast 1272 – American Ale II

Made a 1.5 liter starter the day before and decanted about half off. Pitched into 67 degree wort (love how easier it is to chill in the winter). Fermentation started in about 6 hours and moved to the basement and has been fermenting around 68.

I changed up the recipe 1st off in terms of the yeast strain. I used the Irish Stout/Ale a couple of times and just not a huge fan of the ester profile (too much diacetyl) so I went to one of my favorite strains, good ole American Ale II. I compensated by up upping the mash temperature to 155 to leave some body. Other than that, I dropped the Maris Otter base and went with the NW Pale and Victory to get in the ball park of the rich maltiness that the MO provides. I also decided to go with a larger portion of roasted barley than chocolate malt to get a little bit more roast followed by the chocolate/coffee flavors.

Finished a tad high at 1.021, but not crazy given the high mash temp and all the crystal and roasted grains.  Gravity sample had tons of coffee coming through.

Tasting Notes – 12.30.14

Appearance: Jet black with a thick tan head that lingers around for quite a long time.

Aroma: Roasted coffee with a plumy fruitiness tucked in the back ground.

Taste: Subtle coffee up front, present but not extremely strong with the same plum fruitiness to follow. Really pretty balanced and doesn’t drink sweet.

Mouthfeel: Medium plus with creamy body with medium carbonation.

Overall: This came out decent, not great and not bad either. There’s some nice flavors in the beer and is pretty balanced, but I was hoping to get a little more intensity overall in the stout. Its definitely a mellow stout and drinks a little lighter in body than I was hoping, but good for sub 5%. This beer drinks much better using the creamer function on the Perlick, but is a little boring poured straight. There’s room for improvement on this one, but not a bad sessionable stout as its drinking currently.



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