Vienna Lager


With spring arriving here in Portland I wanted to get a toasty, malty lager brewed to have on tap to contrast some of the hoppy beers I have/going to have on tap. My sister has been requesting this beer ever since she moved to Portland as she loves Devil’s Backbone Vienna Lager.  For this recipe, I kept it pretty simple and didn’t deviate too much from the grist that Devil’s Backbone uses (they made the recipe public over on the AHA site). Just had to make a few changes hop-wise as I didn’t have the hops. DB uses about 12% caravienne malt, but I didn’t want that much in this beer so I kept this version around 8%. I was able to get the same yeast that they use, the Augustiner strain which I previously used in the Czech Dark Lager and I really liked how it performed and tasted.

OG: 1.055
FG: 1.013
ABV: 5.5%
Mash: 150 (15 min.), 153 (25 min.)
Boil: 75 min.

Water Profile:

Ca: 67
Mg: 1
Na: 4
So4: 56
Cl: 65
BiCarbonate: 36
Mash pH: 5.3

41.2% Vienna Malt (Weyermann)
37.1% Floor Malted Bohemian Pilsner Malt (Weyermann)
12.4% Bonlander Munich Malt (Breiss)
8.2% CaraVienne 20L (Breiss)
1.0% Blackprinz (Breiss)

0.5 oz Galena (10%) 60 min.
0.50 oz Sterling (8.1%) 10 min.
1.50 oz Sterling (8.1%) 0 min.

Imperial L17 – Harvest

Pitched yeast at 52 degrees and let free rise up to 54 once fermentation started up (about 8 hrs.). This is the first batch using my new stainless steel brew bucket and its been a little weird not being able to see the fermentation. But I’m thinking the convenience of having a thermowell and ball value will outweigh this though.

Well, some bad news regarding this batch.  While I was taking a gravity sample I noticed really black gunk in the krausen and after searching online it looks like there was some machine oil/polishing compounds still left on the fermenter.  This is beyond frustrating because I cleaned the s**t our of that thing so I’m not sure what went wrong.  Needless to say this batch got dumped and I’ll get it rebrewed for Anna in the fall. Even before this I was a little on the fence with this fermenter and I think for me good old class carboys work just fine and will be sending this back.  I do like the mash tun and will be keeping that (after a further deep cleaning).













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