Fire Ship

Alright, batch 100 is in the fermenter! Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows that I love smoked beers, so for this batch I wanted to brew a German inspired smoked lager. I’ve done quite a few smoked beers (smoked winter warmers, smoked porters, smoked stouts, smoked helles lager, smoked wheat) but never a classic rauchbier. This beer is definitely the largest amount of smoked malt I’ve used in a beer to date at 77% using a 50/50 blend of the classic German beechwood smoked malt and cherrywood smoked malt. The rest of the grist is a pretty standard marzen grain bill with some Sterling and Mt. Hood hops in the kettle. During the brew the smoked aromas coming out of the kettle were pretty intense and was reminiscent of a peaty scotch.

OG: 1.054
FG: 1.016
ABV: 5.0%
Mash: 151 (20 min.), 154 (20 min.)
Boil: 60 min.

Water Profile:

Ca: 61
Mg: 1
Na: 17
So4: 56
Cl: 67
BiCarbonate: 49
Mash pH: 5.4

36.8% Rauch Malt
36.8% Cherrywood Smoked Malt
7.7% Floor Malted Bohemian Pilsner Malt
7.7% Munich I
4.8% C40
2.4% Blackprinz Malt

1.00 oz Sterling (8.1%) 60 min.
1.00 oz Mt. Hood (4.9%) 10 min.
1.00 oz Mt. Hood (4.9%) 0 min.

Wyeast 2206 – Bavarian Lager

Chilled down to 65 and then brought temp to 50 in chest freezer. Pitched yeast at 50 and set temperature controller to 52 with fermentation under way in less than 12 hours.

Kegged on 11.7, finished pretty close to where I estimated. Sample was super smokey in aroma and in taste. This should be drinking great in no time at all.

Tasting Notes – 12.25.16

Aroma: Sweet smoke, little bacon in the nose. Smoke aroma is fairly potent.

Appearance: Brownish with perfect clarity and a nice white head that fades away after a minute or so.

Taste: Smoke up front with sweet malt notes and drinks balanced. Smoke it noticeable but not overpowering. Finishes crisp and clean. Little bit of bacon notes hang on the palate at a low level.

Mouthfeel: Medium with medium carbonation.

Overall: Really love how this one turned out. It’s not as smokey as I thought it would be, but it has a really nice smoke aroma and, at a lower level, smoke flavor. The smoke and sweetness from the crystal malts really mesh well and the clean lager yeast lets all the malt flavors come through really well. Super easy to drink and has been moving quick from the kegerator. Not much to change except trying to get a little fresher smoked malt to up the smoke flavor. Cheers.

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