Pale Ale

Holman #14

This round of the Holman House Pale I wanted to experiment with some more southern hemisphere hops, similar to Holman #12, which was a Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin combo. For this batch I’m trying out a new hop to me, Vic Secret, and combining it with Nelson Sauvin and Nugget. I’ve read that Vic Secret is similar to Galaxy, but a little less intense so I’m pretty confident that this combo will work out well. I added the Nugget to round out the super fruity flavors with a little more dank/earthy notes. I’m a big fan of the Nelson hops, but they just need to be tamed down in my experience so I’m using a 2:1 ratio of Vic Secret:Nelson/Nugget. Yeast choice is the same as the last Holman batch, Holman #13, Wyeast – 1098 – British Ale. This seems to ferment a tad drier than the London III and isn’t nearly as sensitive to short term oxidation once kegged. The tradeoff is losing a little mouthfeel and ester character, but not a huge difference in the finished beer and I upped the wheat malt a little bit to compensate for this.

OG: 1.046
FG: 1.008
ABV: 5.0%
Mash: 150 (15 min.), 152 (30 min.)
Boil: 75 min.

Water Profile:

Ca: 75
Mg: 1
Na: 4
So4: 89
Cl: 67
BiCarbonate: 15
Mash pH: 5.3

50.8% Pilsner Malt
21.2% Red Wheat Malt
12.7% Flaked Oats
8.7% NW Pale Ale Malt
8.7% Carapils
2.6% Acidulated Malt

4g Nugget (15.1%) 60 min.
2.00 oz Nelson Sauvin (12.0%) 0 min.
1.5 oz Nugget (15.1%) 0 min.
4.00 oz Vic Secret (17.7%) 0 min.
2.00 oz Nelson Sauvin (12.0%) Dry Hop
2.00 oz Nugget (15.1%) Dry Hop
4.00 oz Vic Secret (17.7%) Dry Hop

Wyeast 1098 – British Ale

Pitched yeast at 65 and let free rise up to 70 and will hold there. Ended up getting a little blow off during day two of fermentation.

Kegged on 12.15, gravity sample was super fruity with an intense aroma.

Tasting Notes – 1.29.16

Appearance: Hazy golden with a fluffy white head. Some color darkening from when the beer was very young, but not a while lot.

Aroma: Tropical fruit, white grape and little earthy dankness. Really fresh and inviting.

Taste: Similar to the aroma – tropical fruits and grape/berry notes from the Nelson mesh well together. There is a little bit of earthiness as well, probably from the Nugget hops. Beer finishes dry and clean with minimal lingering bitterness.

Mouthfeel: Medium plus with medium carbonation.

Overall: This one turned out pretty good but not great. The hop combo is nice, but I do think there is room for improvement. Its fruity with the dry white wine flavors from the Nelson but something is just missing. The base beer is nice and supports the hops well but I think after a few brew’s I’m starting to lean towards a different strain for hoppy beers. Still a nice and refreshing beer to have on tap. Cheers.


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