Holman Pale

Holman Pale #17

Crow’s Nest is back in action! I know it’s been awhile since the last post but I finally got a chance to brew the next hoppy beer. For this one it’s the usual base beer with Comet, Galaxy and Simcoe for the hops. I’m hoping this trio of hops gives a good blend of tropical fruit, pine and citrus. I can’t imagine this trio not being solid since I really enjoy each of the on their own. Also, going forward the site will be cutting out some of the super nerdy recipe info but, fear not if anyone ever wants the full recipe just let me know.

OG: 1.047
FG: 1.007
ABV: 5.2%
Mash: 149
Fermentation temp: 68 deg.

Grist: Petlon Pilsner Malt, Breiss Goldpils Vienna, Malted Wheat, Flaked Oats, Acidulated Malt

Hops: Comet, Simcoe, Galaxy

Yeast : Imperial A31 – Tartan

Well, things were shaping up great with this batch however after getting sick and lacking time to get this on kegged on time has caused some oxidation issues. The beer going into the fermenter was a nice golden color and when it was finally kegged it turned a murky pinkish. I went ahead and it and am hoping that besides looking awful it might taste decent. Tasting notes coming down the road, assuming this isn’t a drain pour beer.



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